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How To Create A Dissertation Hypothesis: Tips And Examples

When you started working on your dissertation, you did not expect that it will be so time consuming. As you made some progress you discovered that you need to work on many different elements, each one of them with clear specifications. The dissertation hypothesis is optional, but it can make your professor much more indulgent when he will correct your text. Not many students will make it, so this will put you in a very good position. You will write it before the actual composition and give it to your teacher. Here is how to make a good hypothesis:

  • You need to know your topic very well. Assuming you already decided what you will write about, you have to read as much information as possible about the topic. Only after you have solid knowledge you can create a hypothesis that will satisfy your professor or supervisor. Try to read from books rather than the Internet; in this way you will know for sure that the information is verified and corrected by a professor.
  • Decide what you want to prove in your dissertation. This is actually what the hypothesis is; you make a statement or you ask a question and you have to prove what is the correct answer. If your dissertation does not have a clear purpose, no one will have a reason to read it. It will be just a bunch of ideas gathered together without any meaning.
  • Make sure that the hypothesis fits the criteria. First of all, to be able to use a statement as a hypothesis for your dissertation you have to be able to test it. If you can’t test it, it’s completely pointless. Ask yourself this question: if I make research and experiments, will I be able to prove that this statement is fake or real?
  • Think about what experiment you will make. In this piece you also have to state how you are planning to prove your point. If you do not write this, your professor will consider that your composition is incomplete. Mention also any research method that you will use and why.
  • Write all this in not more than one page. Depending on the length of your dissertation, you can extend this piece a little bit but most of the time it’s not necessary. It is supposed to be short, simple and explicit.