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Writing A Strong Nursing Dissertation Literature Review: Helpful Tips

The literature review for your nursing dissertation will need to possess a good balance between accuracy and interesting content. In terms of accuracy, there are a number of formalities you must adhere to. In terms of interesting content, there are ways you can structure your content to convey facts in an easy to read manner. Here is some advice on exactly how to do this.

Start with the details

The proper referencing information is essential to an accurate literature review. Be sure to include the name of the author, the date of the publication, and the title of the piece you are reviewing. Most schools will also require you to include technical publication info as well as the page numbers of the specific section you are analyzing. Ask your teacher for direction if in doubt.

Points to mention in your into

The introduction should include a basic definition of the section you are reviewing. You should also describe how you perceive the information and in what direction you are taking your review. Justify your claim as to whether you agree with the information or not, and summarize some of the pertinent information so that the reader has some background on the subject.

What the body should consist of

The main section of your review should thoroughly analyze the theme and tone of the piece. It should also provide an overview of the piece so that the reader has a full picture of what exactly you are analyzing. By the time the reader has finished reading your overview, he or she should know enough about the piece without having ever read the original. Then, include your analysis of the piece and give reasons for your statements.

What to include in your conclusion

Take all the main points you have already discussed in your review and summarize them into a brief conclusion. Your conclusion shouldn’t exceed 60-70 words, so make sure you write succinctly while still including as much relevant information as you can. Be careful not to repeat any statements already used and also use different terms and words as you did in previous sections.

Your nursing dissertation will now have a stunning literature review which will bolster your grade significantly. Remember to allow other facts in your dissertation to surround your literature review and make sure that all your points support each other.