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Useful Tips On How To Create A Dissertation Abstract Page

A dissertation abstract page is a thing that creates the first impression of your dissertation. Judging on it, people will compose an opinion on the entire work you have done. While a dissertation is normally kept in a library, an abstract page is available to specialists who are interested in your specialization and topic. Besides that, this document can be requested by your future employees together with your job application and covering letter. That’s why you should treat composition of this part of your project with all responsibility.

Composing an abstract page, give attention to three following parts.

  1. Compose a laconic informative introduction.
  2. It lets readers know the general characteristic of the work (its actuality, novelty, your personal contribution in the entire studying of the problem), an outline of objects and subject of the research, precisely named goals of the research.

  3. Discover the main idea in body paragraphs.
  4. Speak about the main stages of your work, methods of researching, and your own conclusions. The latter ones should be confirmed with precise data, and in case there are admissions and assumptions, they should be named separately.

  5. Name your references.
  6. You need to be very accurate with giving information about the sources of information that you have used. You need to mention all of them to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Apart from all the mentioned parts of the paper, you need to keep in mind several details that concert technical organization of the page. There are some useful tips that will help you bring the paper to the necessary standard.

  • Make is laconic.
  • At best, your dissertation abstract page should not go over two sheets. Make sure that it fits two sheets, without even a couple of lines hanging over the third one. At the same time, you should be sure that you have enough material to fill these two pages.

  • Check fonts and margins.
  • Make sure that the page has standard academic paper margins. Use a normal type (12 pt.) and single spacing.

  • Use a clear language.
  • Try not to overdo with terms and specific words if you can avoid using them, or provide explanations for readers.

  • Compare it to samples.
  • You can search for samples of such papers online and use them as an example of proper organization of your text. They are available for free in official databases or at students’ forums. If you have no idea what should be written in this paper, a sample can give you an idea.