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A List Of Good Film Dissertation Ideas To Explore

Ever since the Lumieres’ created the first movie in 1896, movies have been the most accepted visual medium. It has undergone exponential change in the last 100+ years. The creative mindset has changed drastically; almost in conjunction with the instruments that now define the movies.

The evolution

The 1920s movie makers hardly even thought that the future movies will be edited through software and everything will turn digital. They just worked on a raw effective idea of the time and tried to mirror the relevant society. There were quite a few movies on propaganda and agrarianism. The period offers a great avenue for film dissertation.

The impact of crime

Al Capone and his 30s antics breathed new life into movies, which started everybody with real crime depictions. Forgeries, misappropriation, illicit relationship; they all began making their presence felt on celluloid. Since they had an impact on impressionable minds; a need was felt to install the censor board. Scholars also love dissertation on film criminology.

Commercial and realistic cinema

Many innovative directors and brilliant cinematographers have created magic with startling depictions of commonplace events. They used Nature and all its elements and transfused that with human ethos. Realistic cinema found a stream which ran parallel to commercial cinema. The parallel running of two worlds is also a dramatic idea for dissertation proposals.

The trends change

It was only from the 50s onwards that movie makers actually started thinking in commercial terms. The introduction of singers, music and scenery was to enchant and inveigle the see the movies again and again. The trend has continued; only the instruments have changed.

Different film industries

Movies made in different zones of the world are characteristically different from each other. Korean movies are dark; French is realistic; Italian is revealing. Indian movie industry or Bollywood tries a mix and match of all things. It is however in Hollywood (USA) that the real buck resides. You can sing many dissertation notes on the various film industries.

Here is a list of all-encompassing film dissertation topics

  1. The evolution of horror movies through the decades
  2. The inception of literary adaptation in movies
  3. The neo-realism and its origins in French Cinema
  4. A critique on the works of Akiro Kurosawa
  5. The role of propaganda in the Soviet film industry: 1917-1953.
  6. A look-into the 40’s movies and how they tend to inspire even now.
  7. Shedding light on Korean Cinema
  8. Impact of underworld on 70’s movies
  9. Popularity of biographical films in contemporary cinema
  10. The renaissance element of Italian cinema