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A List Of Unique Psychology Dissertation Ideas To Consider

The best assignment topics lie within your area of interest; if you are not enthusiastic about your assignment it will be easy to abandon it. Check out newspapers and magazines for trendy, original topics and have a few thoughts in mind as you begin your initial research in case unexpected problems turn up. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • General Psychology
  • Issues – boundary crossings, Skype consultations, Are victims always innocent?
  • Profile a famous psychologist or explore types of therapy
  • Explore a controversial experiment in the field– The conditioning of Little Albert, Milgram shock experiment, Lost in the Mall (false memory implantation), the Kirsch Anti-depressant placebo study.
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Phobias – specific phobia, agoraphobias
  • Personality Disorders – cultural expectations
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder – links to major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders – is childhood obesity related to parental neglect, are children affected by parental eating disorders, effects of a type of diet on depression
  • Cognitive Studies
  • Dreams – therapeutic analysis,
  • False memories – ties to post traumatic stress disorder
  • Attention span – multi-tasking, ways attention can go wrong
  • Perception –Psychophysics, Sensory neuroscience
  • Language – the man who couldn’t speak, persuasive language, Evolutionary psychology of language
  • Developmental Studies
  • Role of environment – in personality development, sorting out common property, effect of environmental stress
  • Birth order psychology
  • Bullying – types of bullies, types of victims, long-term effects of bullying on both bully and victim
  • Language acquisition pyschology
  • Media violence and children – denial of the effects of violence, long-term effects of viewing violence
  • Parenting styles – father figures and perceptions of masculinity for children of single mothers.
  • The aging process – development from conception to old age, abuse of the elderly
  • Teens – dating violence, sexting, suicide, is there a link between self-harm and using social networking sites
  • Social Psychology
  • Social cognition
  • Person Perception
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Cults and social control – why do people join cults, how are cults so persuasive
  • Attractiveness – the non-verbal attraction
  • Homophobias
  • What makes a terrorist? – The psychology behind extremism and radicalization.
  • Racism – Are come people born racist? Alternatively you could look at the psychological effect of suffering racist abuse.
  • PTSD – Treatments and help available for veterans returning from theaters of war. Compare the therapies available in America to those in Britain.
  • Anti-fat prejudice – representations in the media reinforcing
  • Social marketing - does store music affect what people buy, images of women in social marketing
  • Matchmaking websites – pitfalls of online dating, do matchmaking algorithms work

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