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A Free List Of Brilliant Dissertation Topics In Finance

When you are in your last year of school, you will have to start thinking about your dissertation. It is the largest paper that you possibly have written in your whole life and likely the most important as well. This is not one of those papers that you can throw together at the last minute or fudge your way through. You will have to take it seriously because this is the task that transforms you into a scholar.

Choosing a topic for your Finance dissertation is not an easy task. You have to choose a topic that is broad enough to handle the length but specific enough to handle the sophistication level. The best way to get an idea of what to write about is to read through a few examples. You can narrow these topics down to include a time period, location, or company. That way you are sure to know that your topic is unique and it will be approved during the proposal process. Here is a list to get you started.

  1. A case study on individual retirement: Discuss the projected retirement needs for an individual your age
  2. Study whether the use of credit cards for gas purchases is cost effective
  3. Study the implications of a one income household
  4. Discuss the taxation system of a particular country
  5. Are financial advisors overpaid? Discuss rates in a particular financial company
  6. The art of negotiating with debt collectors
  7. Things that put up the red flag for auditors
  8. Best ways to handle a big inheritance: investing advice
  9. Information on how best to utilize a 529 college savings account
  10. Study a popular business and how they set up their organization to avoid paying excessive taxes

Once you have decided on a topic, start creating your proposal. Make sure that you have chosen a topic that can sustain the requirements. You need to create a proposal that gets your topic approved so that you can move on with the project. If you have solid sources to back up your work, you will be likely be able to get your paper approved.

You will also want to create an outline to make sure that you keep your research on task because of time restrictions and you keep the paper organized. Don’t wait until the last minute to start because it is a very time consuming assignment.