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A Quick Tutorial On Formatting A Chicago Style Dissertation Cover Page

This short tutorial is for high school and junior college students to use when putting together their cover page for their dissertation. It is also a brief but handy guide for senior college students and established academics that do not spend nearly enough time writing, mainly due to the practical nature of their work. Importantly, this guide begins with a brief outline on what the Chicago manual style entails.

  • Researching context-related presentation essential
  • To understand all academic writing requirements, this is essential. Here, the explanation is brief, but students can research the style guide extensively and download templates as guides on how to construct their cover pages in line with the academic conventions required. Following this brief explanation, a sample demonstration from properly prepared first pages will be provided as an example of what is required.

  • The manual is influenced by adaptability
  • The Chicago Manual of Style can be abbreviated to CMS. Use this during your research of various style applications. It mainly applies to the use of the American English standard of writing in the first language, however, the style has been adopted globally in lieu of many non-native speakers preferring the use of the North American dialect during their English language communications. What characterizes this style is that it is not rigid and can be adapted for originality and in line with personal and original work being prepared.

  • Presentation is the key objective
  • But the standard formula, whether it is an academic dissertation that is being prepared, an online journal article or non-fiction article destined for various media, is its presentation. This is how it must look when being submitted to targeted readers such as lecturers, editors and publishers.

  • A key demonstration
  • And when dealing with presentation, make sure that correct font and size has been selected, taking into account how the printed version and/or electronic version will be received. Full name and title of the document are paramount. This page will also be numbered. Most importantly, the thesis statement is highlighted in the first paragraph. If it is appropriate, a short introduction, along with a brief proposal (if relevant) can follow.

Time and space only allowed for a brief guide to how the first page of the dissertation should look. The emphasis was placed on getting students to commit themselves to further research to help find a customized style appropriate to their theme or subject.