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Getting An Excellent Dissertation Timetable Example On The Web

The dictionary defines a dissertation as “a long essay on a particular subject, especially one written as a requirement for a doctoral degree” or “any formal discourse in speech or writing”. The key to this definition is ‘long’ so just how long should your work be and what type of timetable should you work on when writing this type of work?

When students are faced with the impending task of writing a long written work they may hear horror stories from previous students about long hours and never-ending late nights trying to complete this massive project. But completing this large project is not synonymous with a hermit’s life and nothing but writing, the key is finding a realistic timetable that will map out a path to success.

Academic department websites

Believe it or not, the academic department where you coordinate your studies does want the students in the program to succeed. Despite the fallacy that extra years of tuition will help fund the programs they are not trying keep students around longer than necessary. Department websites have tools, timetables and even templates available to help plan out the successful completion of your lengthy project.

College forums and university websites

Your school is not the only one that requires this type of project to complete your degree so if you cannot find the help you need on your university website then consider searching other university websites. Many college forums and university sites post free information to help all students regardless of where they are studying. Any one of these resources may have a timetable you can use to prepare for your project.

Random search engine results

When all else fails there is always the standard fall back of using popular search engines to scour the web for resources. Search engines provide surprising results in some cases and you will be surprised at what you can find. Additionally, by completing a search you will most likely find examples of what other students have done and can learn from their successes and failures with their timetables.

When you have a realistic timeline for your dissertation it will no longer feel as if you are about to climb Mt. Everest. A realistic timeline will allow you to plan out the steps you need to take in order to complete your project and still maintain a semblance of balance between your social and academic life.