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Where Can I Get Help With A College Thesis: Good Advice

Most students struggle at some point. The problem is that far too many choose to suffer in silence when help is readily available. I understand that it can be very difficult to be the one to break cover and shout out that you don’t quite understand, or that you are struggling to write your thesis for whatever reason. However, if you don’t seek help, how is anyone going to know that you are in trouble until it is too late? There is no shame in asking for help, and it would be a shame to wind up with a low mark when with a little bit of help you could have been awarded a distinction. So, where can you get help without feeling like a failure? Read on to find out!

In class

Yes, I really said in class. Trust me, I can guarantee that you will not be the only person to be finding things a little tough. The problem is that no-one wants to be the one to break cover or put their head above the parapet. Whether you decide to brazen it out in front of your fellow students or discreetly ask your professor for a quiet word is up to you. However, I would strongly suggest that you pursue this course of action ahead of all others.

Over lunch

Again, this might seem like stating the obvious but an informal chat (and laugh) with your buddies about your thesis over lunch might provide you with just the inspiration that you need to get the ball rolling. Never underestimate the power of supporting each other.

Go to an expert in the field

It clearly depends on the nature of your problem. However, if you are experiencing difficulty with a technical or factual element of your assignment, then it might be worth trying to track down an expert. You can do this either by email or if they happen to be based part time in your university in person. Many people are too shy to do this. However, a proven expert in the field will be able to offer invaluable assistance.

Brush up on your basic skills

As I have already mentioned this very much depends upon what kind of help you need. However, if it is your basic grammatical skills or mathematical skills that are causing you difficulty then invest in some tools to help you. (Grammar checkers etc.) Presentation is everything and time spent doing this could mean the difference between an average grade and an amazing grade.