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What Is A Dissertation Defense And How To Pass It Without Troubles?

When you begin the process of obtaining your PhD, you will notice that there are many steps to be taken. Some of these tasks will be administrative ones required by your college, some will be research based, some will involve the writing, and then one of the last items to check off your list is the acceptable argument of your dissertation defense. If you do not pass it without trouble, the process will stop and you will not be awarded your PhD.

There are many how-do books, manuals, and websites on the successful approval process. You should look at those that are credible. You should also often confer with your faculty advisors. In addition to doing this talk to your academic peers who have obtained their PhD. Lastly, use our manual on what is a dissertation defense and how to pass it without troubles.


  • Find out the date and the member count for your argument. Explore each member to find out all you can about them professionally.
  • Make sure you have the right amount of copies of the document.
  • Go to see your advisor for practice sessions.
  • Give you self plenty of time between the printing/binding process and the actual argument session.
  • It sounds weird, but pay attention to getting enough sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition. You want to be at the top of your game.
  • Know what you piece says. A lot of people, who have gotten extra research help, unfortunately do not know what their paper says or means.
  • If you do not think that your faculty advisor practice session have gone smoothly or that you still need practice, hire a professional to take you through additional arguments. The cost will depend on how many you need and how often it takes, but the end result is amazing.
  • Dress on the day of the event like a professional. You may be a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, but you need to look your best on that day. Your best is not an evening gown either. Business casual will do the job nicely for you. Think of dressing like you are going for a job interview.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early on the day, defer to the lead person, and greet each person by name. As you answer, look the person who asked the question squarely in the day, and have a confident (not cocky) attitude. You should know the answers to all questions, but do not lie if you do not. Never get agitated or act annoyed. Keep your calm and have an air of success. Good luck!