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Essential Things To Know About The Format Of An MBA Dissertation

The MBA dissertation is an extremely sought-after paper, as it covers a practical purpose – the art of management. It is interesting to note the nuances that define the streams of business administration.

  • While writing the paper, you have to conduct the Methodology with prescience and your analyses with a clear mindset. You also have to strategize your paper so as to maintain the flow and the curiosity element all through.
  • Yes, you also have to abide by a format style. You can choose from among APA, MLA or Harvard and stick to the guidelines. The unique thing about this paper is that it has to be presented in a systematic way; it should not seem an assortment of random pages.
  • You begin with the Title page and then continue through the Abstract, acknowledgement and the list of content. You then proceed to the main body with the Introduction, Methodology; Analysis and Conclusion.
  • Further on, you coast towards the Reference page and Appendix. All these pages have to be regulated and formatted in a way that belies aspersions of plagiarism.

A perfect plan

Since this is an MBA dissertation, you should plan your topical theme and try to create a simulated environment wherein you can carry your experiments. This should be visually depicted in the paper so that readers may identify with the crux.

  • You should make sure that the references are made in a graded order. You shall not ignore any resource that you have utilized. You should also acknowledge all the entities that help you compile the paper.
  • You shall, for better returns, choose a topic that either covers an important subject or calls for the representation of a larger populace. A consortium of enterprises, say, small-scale enterprises would be a great idea.
  • If you choose to be specific and run along how a particular large enterprise or a Government runs its course, you need to gather all the essential data about it.

Stand by your assertions

You should support the standing motif of your paper and give it enough air to breathe free. Your logics should be pertinent and should be aided by poignant data and information. Everyone expects an MBA research paper to be top of the grade and you cannot fail on that aspect.

Be crisp and assertive. This should be the evocative memory of the paper to anyone who reads it. Be diligent and follow the strains in a disciplined manner.