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How To Find Free Master's Dissertation Examples Online: 5 Simple Tips

  1. Know the requirements of your paper
  2. This will make your task easier. If you note down the instructions by your teacher and your own ideas for the dissertation on a neat page it will be easy for you to narrow down your search. You can identify which example relates to your requirements and will be helpful if you have a list of requirements

  3. Search for the right example
  4. It is important to search before you select one example. Do not immediately fall for the first available option. You need to look at different options and search different sources before coming to a conclusion

  5. Compare different options for relevancy and quality
  6. Before you select an example to follow for your paper, it is important to read all of them until the very end and check if they meet the quality standards or are relevant to your subject. It is better to have an example that is close to your topic or under the same subject so that you can easily follow it

  7. Search for official websites of universities and colleges
  8. Universities and colleges have their own websites where they have student portals and course details for the visitors. You can try to log in at one of these websites with a user id and password. If your own university has a student portal, you can enter your student id and login to the portal. You will find high quality examples for a dissertation that the teachers upload to set a standard for their students.

  9. Explain your situation to a freelance writer
  10. You might be lucky to find someone who is ready to help you without charging you any money. There is no harm in trying your luck though. Even though this seems near to impossible but you can at least try. Sign up at a platform for freelance writers or login to your existing account. Search for academic writers and contact them to help you out. Be honest with them and tell them you need an example of their past work to be able to write your paper. They will have high quality examples of dissertations that they did for other clients. Mention that you will only use this paper as a guideline and they will not face any copyright issues. This is a very rare chance but you can try to see if you are lucky enough