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A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write Dissertation Proposal In Construction

A dissertation proposal is a good practice because it helps you realize the scope of your work and plan it. This may not be very precise or specific as the topic of your research can take a different direction as you proceed, but it will definitely help you create a good plan that you can stick to for the rest of your paper. This is a helpful section for the official committee members because they can look at your proposal and decide whether they should approve it and whether your ideas are worth doing a research project on. Make sure you show the significance of your paper clearly in the proposal

If you are to write a dissertation proposal on construction, then you should follow these steps

  1. Include the title of the work
  2. Start by deciding the title for your dissertation. Even though you can change it later as the scope of work changes, but at this point you need to start with a title and make sure it is able to hook the committee members to read the complete proposal

  3. Identify your overall objectives
  4. Show what is the objective of your work, it may be one or more than one but they should not be more than three. This would mean that you need to narrow down your scope of work and rethink about the paper and its goals. Some universities also ask you to include a rationale at this stage

  5. Literature review
  6. Give an objective analysis of the published materials in the subject area you are addressing. Include the background, context and details that you think are necessary for your audience to know about the subject

  7. Define your niche
  8. Show a gap in the subject that still needs to be addressed and show how you will address it through your research

  9. Methodology
  10. Specify the methods and experiments you will use for collecting the data and reaching the results you wish to get

  11. Limitations of your research
  12. It is a good idea to include the limitations of your search by yourself as it will help the readers know that you are aware of the constraints and acknowledge them

  13. Timeline
  14. If asked, give a timeline for the completion of the project

  15. Potential results
  16. Show what are the possible outcomes, obviously you will not know the perfect results or else there is no point in writing the dissertation