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Creating A Great Dissertation: Guidelines On Format And Content

Creating a great dissertation can be a very challenging task as there are a number of aspects associated with a dissertation that need to be taken into consideration. There is primary and secondary research involved, there is collection and analysis of data, and then there is identifying and recording the findings. Even if the research work has been performed effectively, if it is not documented properly, it may jeopardize the overall outcome. Following are some of the guidelines on format and context of a dissertation that may help a researcher produce a great outcome:

Prepare the Structure Beforehand

With regard to the structure of the dissertation, it is essential to create an outline before writing the draft. This will help the researcher stay on track while writing the draft. In absence of an outline, a researcher may end up wasting time on sections which are not as important as other sections.

Allocate Word Count

It is important to allocate word count to each section in the outline before starting the draft. This can help in maintaining a balanced flow of the draft. If the researcher does not allocate word count beforehand, the outcome may be uneven and it may lack readability.

Know Your Topic

To make sure that the content is logically sound, the first step is to make sure that the researcher is completely familiar with the topic. If the familiarization with the topic is not complete, the subsequent research work may be jeopardized resulting in an uneven and unsound dissertation.

Perform Comprehensive Research before Drafting

Before starting to write, the researcher must perform comprehensive research on the topic to fill any voids in his/her knowledge on that topic. This will strengthen the content of the draft.

Use Recent, Relevant, and Reliable Sources in Literature Review

It is important that the researcher uses only the recent, relevant, and reliable sources while performing the literature review. In addition to that, it is advisable to perform the literature review before starting work on the draft. This will help the researcher gain a firmer grasp on the topic.

Proofread the Draft Multiple Times

The strength of a draft only increases when it is reviewed multiple times. This is because the state of mind of the researcher at the start of drafting and at the end of it is entirely different. A researcher is better able to identify logical flaws after completing the research.

The guidelines specified above can help a researcher produce a great dissertation with a strong structure and logically sound content.