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Coming Up With Good Dissertation Topics On Global Politics

When you come up a dissertation topic on global politics you want to make sure that you pick something current to the time, something that is original and, most importantly, something that is interesting to you. Remember, you’re going to be spending several months and sometimes even a year working on your dissertation, so don’t choose something that will bore you within a matter of weeks. Here are some really good topics to consider:

  1. Analyze the ways environmental politics of the past two decades has shaped how nations work with one another. Do you believe some nations have been able to find a balance with their environmental aims and their financial stability?
  2. Discuss the role of culture and society in global politics. Consider any illusions or misconceptions societies have about one another that affect how governments relate. Are these views shared by other nations?
  3. Examine how globalization has evolved in the last two centuries. What clues does it provide for where the world is heading in the next century?
  4. Analyze the ways in which the media has affected decisions in global politics? Do you think the media should have this much power, considering that it depends so much on sponsors and advertisers?
  5. Discuss the factors that led up to the Cuban Missile Crisis and how those events play a part on how governments try to avoid the catastrophes of war through alternative practices.
  6. How has technology affected the way we look at global politics? Has technology brought the world closer by making more people aware of global issues that they weren’t of before?
  7. Analyze and discuss the current state between Pakistan and India. Should the global community take a more direct approach at bringing peace to the region?
  8. Nations from around the world congregate every few years to discuss the state of global warming. How effective have these meetings been in reversing or at slowing down the threats to the world’s environment?
  9. Discuss global political issues that are affecting the world’s financial situation. Which policies have been the most damaging in terms of how nations are able to sustain stability when other nations falter?
  10. What are the causes of global warming and are there any great solutions in the foreseeable future? Consider nations’ wealth and infrastructure and why these may be challenges when considering a unified global policy.