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A Guide To Writing A Dissertation Proposal In Accounting And Finance

A dissertation proposal is a very important paper that will have a huge impact on your academic success. It must be perfect and enticing in order to attract the attention you research deserves. When you are writing a dissertation proposal in accounting and finance, you will need to work very hard in order to create an impressive piece. The following guide will help you.

  1. Think your topic through.
  2. This is the first thing you should do when you sit down to work on your proposal. You need to consider your goals and abilities very carefully. In order to create an impressive paper, you need to be 100% sure you have the means to do this. Choose the topic based on your strengths. In addition, you will have to make sure that it is narrow enough to be completely covered by your dissertation.

  3. Develop an introduction.
  4. This is the first section of your proposal, and it must be the most interesting and captivating part of the text. The purpose of an introductory paragraph is to make the readers interested in studying the paper further. As a proposal is, in essence, an advertisement for your accounting and finance research, grabbing the attention of the audience should be your primary focus. Include a short overview of the main highlights of your dissertation.

  5. Write a methodology.
  6. This is a major part of the paper, and the one you need to invest some serious work in. Unlike the introduction, this section means not to entice the readers, but to prove that you are actually capable of carrying out the research. In this part of the paper, you will need to list the sources and tools you plan to use during your research. Explain how you are going to analyze the gathered data. You will also need to present a defense for your chosen methods as the readers must understand why exactly you picked these particular tools.

  7. Explain your aims and objectives.
  8. This is an essential part of any dissertation proposal. List the goals you plan to achieve with your research and tell the readers why they are important for understanding the subject as a whole.

  9. Write a literature review.
  10. This is another step that should help you prove you are capable of achieving the goals you set for yourself. List the materials you’ve already used in your research. Explain how your project connects to the existing database of knowledge on the subject of accounting and finance.