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Looking For A Professional Dissertation Writer: Things To Remember

A professional dissertation writer will assure you of quality work that will be accepted and admired by your professors and colleagues. They should be people that you can rely on to deliver quality and quantity given the resources that you have and the time available. There are a few key things to remember when looking for a professional dissertation writer.

  • Prior experience. This is key when making your selection of a writer or writing service. The prior experience could be in the form of having written several other dissertations successfully. Success here would be that the student did not have to redo it. Check for testimonials on the site and if possible speak with former clients.
  • Knowledge of the subject area. The person writing your dissertation must have knowledge of your area of study. If not they must have a writer who does. While most writing sites do not reveal the identity of their writers, they must at least be able to provide you with their credentials. You do not want a first year Bachelor of Arts student writing your science-based document!
  • Thorough understanding of the structure of a dissertation. While this may be obvious to you, it is not to a layman. Actively engage the writer or writers to walk you through the structure. For example, in the literature review, are they prepared to include primary, secondary and tertiary sources? What methods do they propose to use to collect data? How shall they analyse the data? Ensure that they analyse it using your preferred method so that you can easily explain the method during your defence of the document.
  • Commitment to a timeline. Needless to say, you have not been allocated a year to complete your dissertation. You are working within a short time frame and your writer’s time frame is even shorter. They must be ready and willing to commit to a set time frame, and there should be a penalty for non-adherence to this. The cost should decrease in case of failure to comply with the time frame set. Never leave the time frame open.
  • Unlimited or near unlimited revision option. Always ask for an unlimited revision of your work. If not possible there should be at least three to five revisions. A good writer will have no problem with this as they understand the need for quality and your satisfaction and confidence in the work.

With the above list, you should be able to know a professional when you meet them. All the best in your search.