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Coming Up With Brilliant Social Work Master's Dissertation Ideas

Finding a unique dissertation topic sometimes become difficult, however their importance cannot be denied if you want to secure high grades in Master’s degree. All those who are doing research in Social work are in search of spectacular dissertation ideas. Check some of them

  1. Roles of NGO’S for safeguarding children: Discuss it in terms of social trafficking. How much successful these organizations are? Talk about the dreadful challenges faced by them.
  2. Parental bereavement and its effect on the personal, social and national development of children: How they can be developed into a healthy individual. What all measures can be taken to groom their personality? What steps should be taken by the government and by the individuals who stay in their vicinity.
  3. How much effective media is in increasing or decreasing crime? Discuss whether channels on television suggest new ideas to culprits to come up with innovative ways to commit crime or they warn individuals to safeguard themselves in a better way.
  4. How to deal with lesbians alcoholics: How much authentic is the thinking of lesbians. Why they take support of alcohol?
  5. How much right “Euthanasia “is? Should we seize the right of living life from people who are in depression because of their deteriorating health? Should it be considered legal for other reasons? What will be the future repercussions of this’ end of life decisions’ on increasing crime rate? Why some of the social work practices consider it to be ethical while others consider it equivalent to suicide?
  6. How much successful women are in contrast to men in social mentoring? Discuss it in context of formal and informal mentoring.
  7. How vulnerable adults can be offered support? Discuss all sorts of vulnerabilities of rape victims, drug addicts, prisoners etc. How they can be safeguarded? How psychiatrists play a positive role in their life.
  8. Stress faced by a social work student: How it assist their learning in social care sector? What support they should be offered for their own well being and for the well being of their patients.
  9. Lady social workers and the safety issues: How physical and mental safety levels of social workers can be safeguarded against the increasing crime rate and the acts of aggression? How much safe they are while being on duty? How it hampers their quality of work due to lack of funds and other security measures?
  10. The grave experiences suffered by newly hired young lady workers in the sector of Child welfare: Discuss the hidden trauma stated by youth counselors.
  11. The threatening illness faced by a pregnant lady at the time of marriage in India: How it hampers her personal growth?