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A List Of Great College Thesis Topics On Hell

Thesis writing on hell might seem a complicated task for college students. In truth, you should select a good topic, learn what a paper structure should look like, and find plenty of materials to support your thesis statement. A great topic will enable you to write a catchy introduction, choose useful research methods, obtain interesting results, and make a solid conclusion. To come up with a good one, you can brainstorm with your classmates, look for sample papers in the college library, or simply search for thesis ideas on the Web.

The following list contains original research ideas that you can use in order to get inspired:

  1. Dante’s Inferno: a journey through hell.
  2. Your paper should describe the structure of inferno according to Dante. You can provide proper citations to illustrate the beliefs of people in the Middle Ages.

  3. Americans believe in the underworld and heaven: a surveying analysis.
  4. Today, Americans have different beliefs. Some studies have shown that most of them believe that the lower world and heaven are real places. You can analyze this data and build own conclusion.

  5. A theological critique of Four views of hell by William Crocket.
  6. You can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments, provide a brief summary of other reviews of this work, and determine what raised questions you consider important.

  7. The evolution of an inferno concept over the years.
  8. You thesis might provide different definitions of hell, analyze why the concept has changed significantly, and which one you consider the most plausible.

  9. Why will more people go to hell not to heaven?
  10. Your paper might be devoted to moral issues, describe the concept of a sin, and claim that more people will do to the netherworld instead of heaven.

  11. Hell and the punishment of sinners: a Cristian point of view.
  12. Underworld is a special place where sinners are punished. You can provide evidence from the Bible and describe the worst sins, along with the terrible punishments.

  13. The levels of hell in Islam.
  14. It’s interesting to study what the underworld looks like in Islam. Besides, you could examine the idea that it’s a purifying place that should be empty eventually according to the Islamic tradition.

  15. Compare Cristian and Muslim image of inferno.
  16. You should analyze the Bible and Koran, find out the descriptions of inferno, and highlight the similarities and differences. It’s a good idea to illustrate your findings by using citations.