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List Of 15 Law Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

Coming up with topics for academic papers can sometimes be a very hard work, especially when you are working on a law dissertation. Understanding that the topic you choose will determine the level of research that would go into starting and completing your academic paper, it is important that you always keep your chosen topic as specific as possible. When your chosen topic is too broad, it would take a lot of research time and at the end of the day, you might end up not writing a strong paper. So, to help you choose topics you will enjoy writing on, here are some topic ideas you should meditate on. They are as follows:

  • The crime of rape – Understanding the boundaries of consent
  • Law on provocation – A critical analysis of a given constitution
  • Culpability – A look at character conception
  • Commercial law – A deeper look into the fundamental purposes
  • The international commercial arbitration system – A critical analysis
  • Corporate governance – Shareholder versus stakeholder rights
  • Corporate manslaughter – Understanding what the law says
  • The minority shareholders – Analyzing their protection
  • Discrimination policies – UK as a case study
  • Contract of employment – A look at the legal issues
  • Agency and casual workers – Understanding their legal positions
  • The legal systems – Should they be fused into one?
  • The role of natural justice in a given location
  • A look at the legal foundations of civil partnerships
  • Child welfare and the local authority – What role does it play?
  • Property rights – A look at the right of a married woman
  • Dispute resolutions – Where judges come in
  • The concept of torture – A look at its definition and application
  • Human rights – The slash through anti-terrorism legislation
  • The law of privacy – Bringing moral and practical considerations into focus
  • DUI Policies – United Kingdom as a case study
  • Use of forensics in investigation – How reliable is it?
  • Identity theft – What the law says

So, if you are struggling with coming up with an interesting topic for your law dissertation, the above listed topics would make good fits for what you are in search of in your chosen field of study - law. Even though you don’t go for these particular topics, they can serve as inspiration for you to come up with other topics. With the right sources, finding data towards writing your academic paper will not be an issue.