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A List Of 14 Great Dissertation Topics In Visual Art

The genre of visual arts has always been appreciated by students and scholars who have had a keen liking for aesthetics. But even if you have appreciated the field all life, you will find it difficult to understand of the many related and interrelated topics that prevail within the functions of visual art. This makes it difficult to come up with a decent dissertation topic for visual art. In such cases, you can do well with a little inspiration from already written topics and titles in the section.

Some great dissertation ideas on visual arts

  1. African visual art: how has the continent seen a revolution I visual arts in the last century and a half? Explain out the representation of Africa visual arts in cinema and media.
  2. Visual arts and Rastafarian symbolism: how has art served as a potent weapon against ignorance and how has it liberated some practices?
  3. Visual arts in the internet age: is it is really being a help to the art or are there more negatives than positives?
  4. Is it true that visual arts cast a negative influence when there is war between two lands? Should freedom of expression be upheld on such occasions?
  5. Is it beneficial to have passion for web design and visual arts at the same time? Explain your feelings on the same.
  6. Paper and visual arts: is this the only medium to express? If not, what are some other mediums?
  7. Visual arts as perceived by popular studies: what can be inferred about the nature, circumference and idea of the genre?
  8. Comment on the role of visual arts in combine with performing arts in student development
  9. Values and societal beliefs: how strong an impact do visual arts create on the very fibers on which our society is built?
  10. Pablo Picasso and his renditions: can the works of the famous artist be grouped under the finest visual arts examples?
  11. How does visual art shape up in the age of television drama: compare the standing of visual arts in contrast to televised media?
  12. What is the perception of nudity in visual arts: is male nudity celebrated with the same fervor in Europe?
  13. Look back at some of the basics of visual arts: suggest ways in which artists can strengthen their hand at the art.
  14. The evolution in visual art: are we moving forward with concepts or has refinement of existing ideas taken precedence?