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List Of Unique Potential Thesis Topics For Political Science Students

It is time to write your thesis about a subject in political science. There are so many topics you can pick from based on today’s state of politics as well as drawing from historical contexts. It can be difficult choosing a topic that is not too broad making your thesis pointless or too narrow so that there is not enough information to back it up. Remember that when picking a topic, it should fit your assignment as well as being creative and interesting to you. Most importantly, your topic should make a point and show your reader that your idea is valid.

A list of unique, potential political science thesis topics might include:

  • The difference between a democracy and autocracy
  • You can compare the differences between the two by using examples from different countries that demonstrate either democracy or autocracy. Explore the rise of each of these forms of government.

  • Political parties in America
  • Here you can discuss the rise of the two main political parties in America and what they stand for.

  • Civil War
  • How the American civil war changed the face of politics in America.

  • Political Figures
  • This is a really broad topic that allows you to pick any political figure today or in history that you think is interesting or has encouraged change in the politics of a certain country. Your professor may want you to focus on a figure in the United States.

  • Models of democracy
  • There are different forms of democracy. A true democracy, for example, where the people actually come together to vote for the changes that they want to see in their country as well as whether or not the country goes to war. We saw this in Ancient Rome. Or, you could talk about a representative democracy, which we see in the United States.

  • News politics
  • With this, you can pick any current news event and ask yourself a question regarding it. If it seems like something you wish to delve deeper into and you know you will be able to find enough information to support your view, then by all means, go further with it.

When writing your political science thesis paper, make sure your topic is interesting to you so that you are comfortable writing it and your reader wants to continue reading. The unique, potential topics presented here are just ideas to get you started. Whichever focus you decide upon, make it your own and write it beautifully.