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How To Find A Dissertation Proposal Template: 5 Useful Tips

Writing a dissertation is probably the most daunting thing to do when you are doing your degree course at university. It requires extensive research, reading and hard work if you want to achieve a good grade.

Alumni will tell you how they struggled and the struggle is real. But before everything starts, you are going to have to write a proposal first. The proposal has to be approved by your tutor or dissertation supervisor and then you will be on your way to working on one of the most important pieces of work in your life.

You may think that it is difficult to write a dissertation proposal, but as long as you have got a template, it really isn’t that hard. Here are a few tips that you are going to find useful.


There are plenty of proposals online and most of them are valid. They are good proposals written by experts in the area. If you spend some time looking for it in the search engine, then you are bound to find some useful resources. Try and start your search from somewhere credible first, otherwise you may risk violating academic integrity.


These guys are here to help; as long as you ask the question, they have no reasons to reject you. Most of the time, they have access to many research proposals written by students or even some that they have written themselves!

Journal Articles

Articles written by scholars are usually great templates to follow. They are informative and professional. If you truly want to take your dissertation to the next level, then you should definitely refer your dissertation to the journal articles. You will find thousands of peer-reviewed articles in your university’s online database, so start searching now!


When you are in your first year or study, there’s a good chance that you are going to know some third-year students then (they will be the ‘alumni’ when you are in YOUR third year). Give them a shout; ask them on social media, or any means that you can get a hold of them! These guys have written their dissertation, so just ask them for a template!


The library is a great place to look for a dissertation research proposal. It virtually has everything you need in there. Although not many students like the library, it is actually worth the time in there! It can be boring but it’s your final year of study, so you’ve got to do it!