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Basic Elements Of A Good Dissertation On Gothic Architecture

A good dissertation follows a simple basic structure with the same elements. The substance of the thesis itself is a little harder to write, but the structure is simple. Here is more:

  • The title
  • The cover page is the first part of your dissertation that your supervisors will read. It contains the most basic information about your thesis. This includes the title, your name, the purpose of the dissertation (for instance, as part of your Masters Degree or Bachelors Degree). Finally, the title page should also have the name of your university, the name of the school/faculty/department and the year of publication.

  • Acknowledgement
  • Express your appreciation to the people who have helped you and supported you. Do not forget to mention your supervisors here.

  • Abstract
  • The abstract is the most important part of your research paper because it is the part that will be read by more people than any other part. It is a one page summary of the entire paper. The abstract presents, in as few words as possible, all the information needed to help a reader decide whether they need to read the rest of the paper.

    Within the abstract, detail the research background, the aim of the study, the research methodology and the results of the study.

  • Table of Contents
  • The table of contents is made to guide readers through the thesis. If contains the page numbers of every section and every chapter of the study.

  • Introduction
  • The introduction provides the basis for the research – why you chose the topic and its significance as well as the hypothesis and research objectives.

  • Literature Review
  • The literature review is what shapes the entire paper. An extensive and grounded literature review will shape the topic, research questions and methodology. Structure the literature review in a way that easily makes sense. For instance, you can use the titles history, definition of terms, or research methodology.

  • Methodology
  • This is an important chapter of the research. Anyone whose interest is piqued by the research topic, hypothesis, questions or results as presented in the abstract will want to read the methodology to understand just how you arrived at your results. In this chapter, you present and justify your methods of research.

  • Research
  • Present your research results and write a discussion of the results. This means adding context to the numbers.

  • Recommendations
  • Suggest further areas of research.

These basic elements of a paper will guide you in your writing assignment on Gothic architecture and help you successfully outline and structure your paper.