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Sample Dissertation Topics In Nursing: 10 Great Suggestions

A dissertation is a complex academic task that a student has to complete for his advanced level degree. When working on such projects you have to start early and have a plan for the rest of the work. You cannot simply create such projects within a few days or even a week for that matter. A well composed and well thought out project will take even months and semesters to complete. The very basic step which is topic selection might even take an entire semester. This is because selecting a unique topic for your assignment is critical. You cannot impress your audience or qualify for the advanced level degree if you choose to write about obsolete topics. You need to perform a literature review and find out a potential niche in the subject that you will address through your research. Once you have a gap that you will focus your paper on, you will then develop a research methodology to get the accurate results.

If you are having a hard time selecting a winning topic for your dissertation in nursing, then you should consider the following ideas. These suggestions will help you pick your title or trigger fresh ideas that will inspire you to create a good title.

Topics to consider for a dissertation in nursing

  1. The role of nurses in an old house environment where the patients need more care than cure
  2. Community building and the staffing for nursing, how does it work
  3. Are nurses paid enough salary or wage to cover the services they offer and to help them stay motivated for their profession
  4. What are the chances of continuing nursing career if you join after a long break of years? How does it impact the pay scale
  5. Why do nurses go on strike and what causes this situation, understanding the reasons behind critical problems
  6. Is nursing out of passion or merely a profession? Can someone be a good nurse if they do not have a passion for it
  7. How do hospitals and clinics hire nurses and is their criteria of selection fair
  8. What are the educational opportunities for people in the nursing career and do they get any compensations
  9. What is the government doing to educate nurses and improvise facilities for them
  10. Should health be a private sector, public sector or a mix of both