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Basic Rules Of Writing A Dissertation Data Analysis Section

A dissertation has 5 major sections in general; Introduction, Methods; Analysis, Conclusion and Reference. However, depending on various subjects and topical themes; a few pages may be added to the wagon.

Playing by the rules

For instance, those subjects that lay precedence on data and its interpretation; there is inevitably a section called data analysis. You have to follow decorum and abide by certain rules while penning it –

  • Hierarchy of data – The data should be presented in the manner in which they influence and affect the research paper. The golden route is through primary, secondary and then through tertiary.
  • Impact of data – Certain data may have the capacity to change the algorithm of the paper and change the way you look at certain codes. Controversial data belongs to that sphere. You need to sensitively handle them.
  • Writing objectively – You have to write the data analysis section objectively as if you are not involved. Ideally, the extracted data should influence a larger populace or the core of enterprises. It is essential to whisk off any preconception you may engender.
  • The analysis – The analysis will depend on your interpretations. Clarity of mind and understanding of the principle founts are necessary for this. Otherwise, the analysis will tend to deviate from the locus.
  • Conjugation with methods – Your methods will have to connect with the data analysis. You will need to make sure that the connection is well-wrought and flows smoothly. Otherwise, again, there will be a case of deviation.
  • Strong resources – Remember that if you don’t resort to potent resources, the data you garner will hardly be impacting. In essence, the data should have stood the test of time and situations under different conditions.
  • Passionate analysis – Think of how the data can affect people or situations in different blocks. This will make the analysis rather convenient.
  • Write in understandable language – The language you use should gel well with the general readers and not just be fit for the experts. The dissertation wins when it has a large reading base.
  • Proofread – When you write the data analysis section, you should give it a thorough check to ensure that you have not made any impacting mistake. One error here can cost you the game, set and match.

Getting into the habit

When you follow the above-mentioned rules of writing data analysis section, you will anyway get in the habit of abiding by rules. This will help you carve a responsible and authoritative paper.