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Writing Ideas: 10 Great Samples Of College Thesis Titles

Your college thesis is a very integral part of your academic career and many people have a hard time coming up with suitable titles. A good title can make the difference in how difficult the paper may be to write, as well as how likely someone is to pick it up and read it so taking the time to select a good title is worth it. Here are ten thesis title samples for your consideration:

  1. Body temperature regulation
  2. Compared to most vertebrates, humans’ method of body temperature regulation seems inefficient. Investigate how animals are able utilize less water demanding systems to regulate their body temperatures.

  3. Our greenhouse contribution
  4. We all produce greenhouse gases from our bodies. Investigate the possible connection between the recent population boom of humans with the rise in global temperatures.

  5. Growing salads
  6. It is common practice to consume fast foods several times a week. Discuss how encouraging families to grow their own vegetables may have an effect on this dietary lifestyle.

  7. The uncertainty principle and everyday life
  8. The uncertainty principle states simply that it is impossible to have all types of information on any system at any given point in time. How can this relate to everyday life?

  9. Benefits of the sexes
  10. Each sex possesses its unique strengths and weakness. Show how making use of each sex’s natural qualities can improve our society.

  11. The relationship between war and progress
  12. During war, research into technology rises drastically and generally stops after the war has ended. How has this shaped our world today?

  13. How space has changed our lives
  14. Many inventions were created as a result of our ventures into space. Explore the benefits of a having space program in any country.

  15. We use Math everyday
  16. Many people have been known to claim that Math cannot be used in everyday life therefore we should not be required to learn it. Give evidence to show that this statement is false.

  17. How we cause algal blooms
  18. It is easy for us to ignore the environmental hazards that are far away from us and so do not affect us. Show how large cities and countries can affect the rate of growth of algae in the ocean miles away.

  19. How to identify leaders at an early age
  20. We are enrolled at school from a young age and then shaped to fit the school curriculum, as a result many natural talents are lost. Devise methods of identifying character traits in young children.