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What Are The Main Benefits Of Doing A Master’s Thesis

So you are wondering whether to take the option of writing a Master’s Thesis or whether to choose the course work and examination option. Both choices require hard work and dedication, but are you best suited for the short term, high stress of revision and examination or do you prefer the long drawn out stress of producing a paper? The choice of a Thesis is a difficult path. You need to write concisely within the word count, or you could be marked down. If you find sticking to the word count difficult, then it may be considered proof that you do not understand your own work. In a good paper, and you want it to be good, you will set out the aims or questions. You will need to show your methods, data, what you predicted, and how you answered your initial question. Not only this, you must show how your research fits into the wider picture of your chosen field with discussion and analysis.

Perhaps you need it setting out clearly what you will achieve from doing the research before you make your decision.

Why do a Master’s Thesis

  • Do you want an academic career? The research required will help you understand what is involved in Academia. Research to a high standard and publication of papers and books are required.
  • Writing a Thesis will also tell you if you are suitable for Academic life. Now would be a good time to find out before you sign up for that Ph.D.
  • This is the only time you will get help with your academic career. Your supervisor will give you advice that will last throughout your career. Not only that, you supervisor will be able to write letters of recommendation at the end, and if you choose a non-academic course, do not be surprise that many professors have ties with industry.
  • You can use another degree to either advance in your current career, for that hoped-for promotion, or as a way of changing career with a little planning that extra qualification can help you turn your bachelors in accounting into a career in hospital management.
  • It is an opportunity of undertaking original research without having your time interrupted by other University commitments such as teaching.

Most of all, what you will gain from writing a Thesis is a huge sense of personal satisfaction at undertaking and completing such a challenging task.