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10 General Tips On Writing A Dissertation In Mathematics

Believe it or not, at some point in time, you will have to write a dissertation as long as you are taking a course in mathematics. This is a reality that some students know already, and others are in denial about. You cannot ignore this, by all means possible, you cannot. What you need to do however, is to learn a thing or two about how you can proceed with this task, and make sure you do a good job when the time comes.

The following are some tips that should come in handy for you as you are trying to write a good paper:

  1. Careful topic selection
  2. Introduce your work properly
  3. Use reasonable examples
  4. Provide solutions to problems
  5. Use theory sparingly
  6. Get quality sources of information
  7. Use relevant mathematical concepts
  8. Provide relevant recommendations
  9. Provide a good conclusion
  10. Proofread the task
  • Careful topic selection
  • Even for a math paper, the topic that you choose will go a long way in helping you score some incredible grades, so take your time with this.

  • Introduce your work properly
  • It is always a good idea for you to make sure you introduce your arguments and statements concisely.

  • Use reasonable examples
  • Find some good examples through research. Use these to help you champion some points, and make them stand out.

  • Provide solutions to problems
  • When you are writing this paper, try and use your skills to get some solutions that would address commonplace problems, and you will earn better marks.

  • Use theory sparingly
  • This is a math paper. Because of this reason, the use of theory should be systematic. It really helps if you can do this to support your equations.

  • Get quality sources of information
  • The sources that you use for this task are supposed to be of a good quality if you need to score good grades.

  • Use relevant mathematical concepts
  • There are a number of mathematical concepts that you will have been taught in school already, which should eventually appear in your work too.

  • Provide relevant recommendations
  • For this and any other paper that you will work on, it is important that you highlight some recommendations from your study.

  • Provide a good conclusion
  • Having done a good job all through the paper, make sure you sum things up with an incredible conclusion.

  • Proofread the task
  • It is important that you proofread your paper before you are ready to send it in for marking, to get rid of any simple mistakes.