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How To Compose A Quality Dissertation Prospectus In Economics

A dissertation prospectus in economics is a special document that gives a short description of the research paper. It has two purposes: firstly, it is a standard plan that is necessary for the proposal that makes a doctorate-level project available; secondly, the prospectus is the final structure of the text that is offered to the supervisory committee. It is the piece with which you will have to work until you receive your degree.

Creating a dissertation prospectus in economics is a complex process that has several nuances that will definitely play a great role in writing of the work. Follow these pieces of advice to create a quality dissertation prospectus.

  • Convince the readers of the project’s importance.
  • The provided material should convince the readers that it is a worthy project and you will be able to complete the work by the deadline. Your text should be interesting to the reader and it must respond to a societal concern. Write about the most important features of your work and don’t forget to support the information with reliable and trustworthy facts. If you manage to do this correctly, half of the work is done.

  • Provide the reader with a decent background.
  • Give a detailed description of the sources you use. Describe the issues that are important for your research project. Giving good background information will help the audience understand your work better. Moreover, it will create a positive impression of you as a scientist.

  • Describe the main idea of the research.
  • Give a brief description of your project and state the main goal of the research. You risk failure if you are unable to convey the most important features of your work. Imagine that you are part of the audience, and select words that they would understand or consider supplying explanations for words that require it. Stick to the main idea and try to avoid tangents that can cause unnecessary debates.

  • Describe the potential methods that will further your research.
  • It is important to show the research methods so that they can be analyzed by the committee. The members of the committee will ask why you chose each method and consider if they are appropriate. Each method should be appropriate to the research.

  • Give theoretical preliminary results.
  • The introduction of the preliminary results plays a great role in creating a quality prospectus. It means that you should know your purpose and stick to it throughout the paper.